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Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries


Sindh’s agri economy contributes 23% to the country’s GDP. Keeping in view global food security concerns, its vast agricultural expanse has the capacity to become region’s food basket. Introduction of technology, efficient irrigation systems, hybrid seeds, quality pesticides and modern implements can help attain its true potential. Local and foreign investors have shown keen interest in this sector.
The huge gap between Sindh’s agriculture, aquaculture, livestock & dairy production and the capacity to process, provides opportunity for various types of investments in value addition. The Government of Sindh has taken various initiatives in terms of subsidized financing, technological support, research & development and capacity building of farmers. Following investment opportunities have been identified keeping in view indigenous crops and global best practices:

  • Fruits and Vegetables Processing
  • Rice Processing
  • Clean Cotton Ginning
  • High Efficiency Irrigation Systems
  • Cattle Farming & Meat Processing
  • Dairy Farming, Dairy Production, Processing
  • Poultry Farming & Meat Processing
  • Fruits and Vegetables Processing
  • Freshwater Fisheries Processing
  • Saline Water Aquaculture and Processing