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Mines and Mineral

The province of Sindh has large quantities of minerals. In all there are 24 minerals which are being currently mined in the province. It has granite and marble reserves. The granite area which was inaccessible has now been connected with Karachi by a network of roads and other facilities like Rest House, electricity, telecommunication, etc. It is also proposed that a Granite Park will be established at Nagarparkar. Karunjhar range of mountains in Nagarparkar has huge reserves of granite and other rock types of extractable thickness which has the potential to compete in the International market. It spreads over vast area and its estimated granite reserves are around 10 billion tons. Realizing the vast potential of mineral reserves there is a great opportunity in this sector.

  • Mechanized Mining and Processing of Granite and Stone
  • Coal Mining and Washing
  • Salt Mining and Refining
  • Other Mining and Processing of Minerals such as Alum, Gypsum, Silica, Lime Stone backlink paneli php shell hacklinkhacklink alhacklink panelporno porno porno porno antalya escort antalya escort bayan antalya escort antalya bayan escort antalya escort alanya escort alanya escort bayan alanya bayan escort marsbahis bahsegel betnano jojobet güvenilir medyum Papaz Büyüsü buy weed online medyum 7dak porno Replika Saat