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Jehlum Valley

Before Indo-Pak partition Jhelum Valley (Hattian formerly) was the part of Baramulla district of Indian occupied Kashmir then became the part of district Muzaffarabad until July 2009 when it gained its own status of a district and later in 2016 it was renamed from Hattian to Jhelum Valley. The area of district Jhelum Valley is 854 sq kms, covering 6.4% of the total area of the state of AJ&K.

District Jhelum Valley is divided into 03 sub-divisions (tehsils) namely Hattian Bala, Leepa and Chikar with 110, 33 and 24 revenue villages respectively and 12 union councils altogether. Jhelum Valley district is blessed with enormous natural beauties especially in the shape of valleys like Leepa, Khalana, Chham, Ghail, Saina Daman Chamm, Dhani Shahdarrah, and Chakar Salmia.


Jhelum Valley an eastern district of the State of AJ&K bordering Baramulla in east and Kupwara in northeast of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) and district Neelum in the northwest, district Muzaffarabad in the west and district Bagh in the south. Hattian Bala is headquarter of this district and is 40 kms away from the capital city Muzaffarabad and 63 kms from district Bagh. The district has only two roads to access, Muzaffarabad-Jhelum Valley Road and Bagh-Sudhan GalliChikar Road. River Jhelum flows through the Jhelum Valley entering from Indian Occupied Kashmir from the east.