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Leepa Valley

Leepa Valley

This is the most fascinating valley in Azad Kashmir. A fair-weather road branches off for Leepa from Naile 45 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, climbs over Reshian Gali 3200 meters high and then descends to 1677 meters on the other side into the Leepa Valley . It spells bounds everyone who visits this valley.


As autumn sets in the vale of Leepa, leaves fall off the trees, snowfall begins, the time is ripe to visit the vale for in winters the vale offers one of the most fascinating scenery in Azad Kashmir. Its lush green river fields in summer and typical wooden Kashmiri houses present a wonderful view. Walnut, apples, cherries and honey of Leepa are very popular.

Appreciating the allure of autumn trees in narrow alleys is the best pastime in this vale of wonders – wonders that this picturesque valley showcases to the outside world. Each year, on start of autumn in Kashmir, Leepa, which lies at a distance of about 90 KM from capital Muzaffarabad, starts to dress up in a new and richly colored attire-a mix of red, orange and yellow shades. It’s the time when apple picking season in the valley comes to an end.

Down hills, every year with coming of winter in the valley, when previous year’s snow melted on top of the mountains, soon fresh snow will be falling to interlace them all. It’s the time also when residents of this far flung vale have to brace the chilling winter which brings heavy snow and thus brings increased hardships for its 75000 residents. Due to lack of infrastructure, the valley is disconnected from the rest of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.


The people in Leepa are highly religious and speak Kashmiri as well as Hindkoh. Urdu is nevertheless widely spoken and understood. The valley has a population of about 75000 inhabitants who generally indulge in farming, cattle rearing and tourism related services. Unemployment and poverty are rampant. Power shortages are a daily routine (there is only one power generation unit at Channian) and malnutrition is common as in rest of the country.

Attractions in Leepa Valley


A hamlet with unparallel picturesque comeliness is situated 67 kilometers Westward of Muzaffarabad. It is 1674 meters above sea level. The river Jhelum accompanies the tourist with its vibrant wave’s up to Hattian Bala.


Leepa is a diminutive village about 60 kilometers, from Naili about 1921 meters above sea level. Its lush green river fields in summer and typical wooden kashmiri houses present a wondrous view to the tourists. Walnet, Apples, Cherries and honey of Leepa are very popular and in great demand.


Chananian, circumvented by thick pine forest, situated apposite to village Leepa near the control line, of an altitude of 2226 meters is 58 kilometers from Naili. Three buses ply between Muzaffarabad and Reshian circadianly. From Reshian onwards, journey is possible by jeeps only. Accommodation is available in Forest and Tourism rest houses of Chanian while of other places accommodation can be arranged by contacting the local population.