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Garam Chashma

At the distance of almost 2 hours, is located the ancient valley of Injigan, nowadays Garam Chashma, and could be approached by a jeep, car etc. but better to be inside an open jeep to enjoy the scenic beauty enroute to the area while visiting the challenging and breath taking rocky spires of Shoghore (A village), and if one has the guts then some rock climbing could be done in the area, as it has become one of the favorite spot for rock climbing after the training camps of Adventure Foundation Pakistan for a couple of years.Garam Chashma, famous for its hot springs and the water is perceived for centuries, as a natural medication to cure the skin disorders and maladies, therefore the valley is visited by local tourists as well as foreign during the season. Overnight stay at the valley could be one of the most amazing experiences while enjoying the serenity and peacefulness of the area, especially the beauty of the mountains and landscape may enchanter you.
Don’t forget to obtain a permit from the fisheries department of Chitral before leaving for the valley, if you are interested in doing some angling in the Garam Chashma river and want to taste the trout.There are hotels, restaurants where some Afghani rice is offered with some vegetables but when I make an excursion to the area I prefer to stay at hotel Injigan, with a nice hot swimming pool, and the prices are also plausible