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The Cradle of Ancient Civilizations

Sindh – the cradle of Indus civilization has emerged as the economic hub of Pakistan. Cities of Sindh have remained prominent centers of trade and industry in the region throughout the history. With such glorious past, its thriving industrial base, natural resources, well developed infrastructure, competitive human resource, two major ports, sophisticated communication network, modern financial & services sector and investor friendly policies of the government, provide the most promising destination for business and investment.
Population: 30.4 million.


The province of Sindh is situated in a subtropical region; it is hot in the summer and cold in winter. Temperatures frequently rise above 46 °C (115 °F) between May and August, and the minimum average temperature of 2 °C (36 °F) occurs during December and January. The annual rainfall averages about seven inches, falling mainly during July and August. The southwesterly monsoon wind begins to blow in mid-February and continues until the end of September, whereas the cool northerly wind blows during the winter months from October to January.